Plan International Girls first

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No more child marriages, teenage pregnancies, female circumcision and sexual exploitation. Equal opportunities and rights for girls and boys. That is what Plan International is committed to. In more than fifty countries we have projects in the areas of protection, youth and work (including education), WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) and emergency aid. Special attention is paid to girls. Because they are still disadvantaged worldwide every day and often have the least opportunities. Plan makes extra efforts to improve their position so that they can grow into strong, independent women who decide on their own lives.

Investing in girls is investing in a better future for everyone

Lavanya's story

Twenty-year-old Lavanya from Hyderabad, India, has a mission: to help as many girls as possible to study and find a job. She has obtained her trade diploma herself. A great achievement in itself. Girls with the same background and from the same neighborhood as they often quit after high school. This is mainly because of financial problems and because the parents give priority to marriage rather than higher education.

Nalana Cases Plan International Girls first donate 10%Although Lavanya had obtained her diploma, she did not know how to proceed because of her lack of trust. At that time, the Plan International Saksham project came its way. This program provides free vocational training and life skills for young people and especially for girls. By participating in this, the life of Lavanya changed completely. In addition to a training in technical skills, which she was able to use in the IT sector, Lavanya received training in communication, conducting job interviews and public speaking. She also gained skills in dealing with men and she was given tips to keep her going in a working environment. This has turned Lavanya into a self-confident woman who can not only talk confidently, but also knows how to convince others.

She has since found a job in IT and received permission from her parents to work. She is very happy with that. “I work for my financial independence and my future. Ultimately I want to set up my own company. "

Lavanya now also helps other girls from disadvantaged backgrounds in her environment and motivates them to continue their education. "I believe that if girls get the same opportunities, they can achieve everything in life."