Nalana Cases Night Sky Wonder telefoonhoesje droogbloemen droogbloem telefoonhoesjes veldbloemen pressed flower phone case

Night Sky Wonder

The universe has something magical, something mysterious. The wonderful way in which every star, every planet in perfectly orchestrated patterns revolve around each other in beautiful shapes. The dark, and in the midst the countless stars that illuminate atmospherically, but also the infinity of it. Because if the universe were to stop somewhere, what would be behind it? And behind that? It's made so wonderful, our heads will never be able to fully comprehend it. It continues to fascinate us and this case is a wonderful reflection of that. May we never lose our wonder!

Nalana Cases Dusty Blue Transparent phone case tpu real pressed flowers

Dusty Blue

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades" - Audrey Hepburn This premium phone case is one of our favorites. Not only does she have one of the most beautiful floral patterns, she is also designed in the gorgeously color "Dusty Blue" that exudes calm and pure elegance. No wonder so many people have fallen in love with this case.

Nalana Cases Sweet Surrender Transparent phone case tpu real pressed flowers

Sweet Surrender

Nowadays the color pink is not worn that much anymore. Pink is said to be for little girls. Pink stands out too much. So we wear more neutral colors. And that's all fine. But sometimes pink is also a wonderful color to enjoy. It is the color of guilty pleasure. A color that immediately sparks happiness. A color that reminds you of the delicious sweet scent of cotton candy and of the tastiest pink sweets that you want to be the first to pick out of the bag. Pink brings out your feminine passion wonderfully. Surrender and enjoy!

Nalana Cases Blue Heaven Transparent phone case tpu real pressed flowers iPhone case

Blue Heaven

This case is inspired by a summer evening outside - enjoying a nice warm breeze - lying in a field full of daisies and staring at the beautiful clear sky. Life can be wonderful and this case reminds us of that.

Nalana Cases Happy Sunrise Transparent phone case tpu real pressed flowers

Happy Sunrise

How wonderful it is to wake up on a summer morning from the birds singing and from the first rays of sunlight that light up your room through the cracks in the curtains. You get up, look outside and the sun kisses your face. And you know: today will be just wonderful!

Nalana Cases Lush Lilac Feminine Strength Botanical Love Transparent tpu cases Plan International Girls first

Buy a case and empower girls and women in need

At Nalana Cases, we believe in empowering women to embrace their true value, so that they can lead victorious lives - just like a flower does after rising from the dark soil. In addition, we also believe in contributing to ensure that women and girls worldwide have equal rights and opportunities to flourish in their lives. That is why we donate 10% of our profit to Plan International and support their efforts to improve the position of girls and young women globally. By purchasing a case at Nalana Cases you contribute to that. Together we make the world a better place!