Help! I cannot find my type of smartphone between your cases

Firstly go to this page and then use the filter at the top right to search for your phone model. Is your phone model not listed here? Unfortunately, we do not yet sell phone cases for your phone at this time. We’re so sorry! This is because some types of smartphones are less common or of a somewhat older generation and are not sold much anymore, and it is currently not profitable for us to set up an entire production line for that. Sorry! We continue to improve and expand our range, also for the newest models. Keep an eye on our website for this.

Are the flowers in the cases real?

Heck yeah! :-) Super cool, right? Each flower was first allowed to enjoy the sun and wide open nature for a while so that it could grow into the beautiful flower it is. She was then carefully picked from the field and then dried for days to weeks, so that her beauty could be preserved forever. She was then carefully placed by hand and immortalized in our beautiful phone cases. In this way you always carry a beautiful piece of nature with you.

Are your cases really made by hand?

Yes! Every case is made by hand. And although we do our utmost to make the cases within a certain design look as similar as possible, each case is unique. Pretty cool, right?

There is a small flap at the bottom of the case - what is this for?

This is to protect your phones charging port against dust and dirt (note: this does not make your case waterproof!). This way, the contact points in your smartphone remain better protected. Some find this mega useful, others find it annoying. Do you not like this flap? Our cases are made of flexible TPU and you can easily cut it off with a knife or scissors.

Can a Nalana Cases discolor?

Yes and no. As long as you take good care of your case, it will remain beautiful. We also use the cases ourselves, of course, and they are just as beautiful as in the beginning. This is how you take good care of your case:

Real flowers are used in our cases, and although we have preserved them in the case with the utmost care, precision and skill, the colors of dried flowers can fade somewhat due to an abundance of sun. TPU can also discolor over time if it comes into contact with colorants, for example, a new pair of trousers that give off. So please avoid putting your Nalana Case in the bright sun for an extended period of time to keep the colors of the flowers beautiful. And make sure your case does not come into contact with colorants. With normal use, your case will stay absolutely beautiful!

I think your cases are really beautiful, but do they also protect my phone?

Absolutely! The cases are made of TPU, and although this material is flexible, it is particularly strong. On YouTube you can even find videos from smartphones, with a TPU case, which are thrown out of a car on a highway and even a helicopter - and where the TPU case has perfectly protected the smartphone due to its shock-absorbing properties (please don't try this at home haha). TPU also cannot break.

What is also nice about our cases is that they cover the entire sides (with cutouts for the buttons). With some other designer brands you can see that the sides are open. But of course you buy a case first and foremost to protect your phone. With our Nalana Cases you will find protection all around, with beautiful cut-outs for the buttons of your phone so that you can still reach them well. Of course our phone cases only protect the back and sides of your phone. We recommend installing a high-quality screen protector for the front (the glass) of your smartphone for protection.

Are all cases within a certain design the same?

Although we do our utmost to make the cases resemble each other as much as possible within a certain design, each case is slightly different. There may be slight variations in the details of the design in each case, since every flower is placed by hand. Flowers may slightly vary in shape, color, size, and pattern. There may be slight imperfections or small (air) bubbles in the case, that is because some flowers are slightly thicker than others. But these minor imperfections will not affect the protective performance of the cases. Each case is uniquely hand-crafted with love. Thank you for your understanding!

What are Nalana Cases made of?

In addition to beautiful real flowers, which are laid in a layer of epoxy, the case itself consists of high-quality TPU (aka Thermoplastic Polyurethane). We like to work with TPU because it is flexible, but retains its shape. TPU is safe, cannot break, it is sturdy, which makes it a very durable material because it lasts a long time. The combination of epoxy with TPU feels nice and smooth, but gives grip so that you can not just slide your phone out of your hands. It also does not attract dust like silicone cases often do.

Are the cases flexible and bendable or stiff/hard?

Each case is made of flexible, bendable, unbreakable TPU. A Nalana Case optimally adapts to your phone and offers great protection (often a lot better than hard plastic cases that break easily themselves). Some cases that contain more or larger flowers can feel a bit stiffer. Also in a cold environment, a case can become a bit stiffer. But they are all flexible enough to fit beautifully around your phone. To keep the flowers optimally beautiful, it is advisable not to fold the cases a lot unnecessarily.


Do you also deliver to my country?

We regularly expand the countries where we send our phone cases. Click here to see whether your country is among them.

What is the delivery time of your cases?

If you order your case today, it will be shipped within 3 business days. Within the Netherlands we ship your package as a letterbox package (“brievenbuspakketje”) using PostNL. This is usually very fast, and you’ll have your package delivered within 1-2 days.

International deliveries are also shipped within 3 business days, but the shipping time itself takes a little longer. Usually about 2 days to 2 weeks before arrival (this varies by country). Believe us when we say it's totally worth the wait! You’ll love your case!


Here you can find more information about shipping times, possible shipping costs, and so on.

What are the shipping costs?

Orders within the Netherlands are shipped free of charge as a letterbox package (“brievenbuspakketje”) using PostNL with track & trace.

Outside the Netherlands, we accommodate our customers in the shipping costs, and we charge shipping costs at a reduced rate.

You can read exactly what these shipping costs are here.


What does Nalana mean?

Nalana means "victorious". Our hope is that the encased flowers will be a reminder, that no matter what challenges you may go through, you will always come out with more beauty and strength. Just like the flowers rising from the dark soil, you too, are victorious. 

Like a wild flower; she spent her days, allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all; knew of her light.
― Nikki Rowe

I am an influencer / have a blog and would like to collaborate with you. Is that possible?

We always like that! Use the hashtag #nalanacases on social media - and if it is in line with our brand and what we want to radiate, we will share your post / story on our social media accounts (of course with a tag to you). Do you have more than 5000 active followers on Facebook or Instagram? Then you may qualify for a free Nalana Case if you share about it on social media. Do you want to write about our cases on your blog? Also then we can possibly enter into a collaboration. For all this you can send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!


My question is not listed

Have you read all the questions in our FAQ, but the answer you were looking for is not listed here? Sorry about that! You can always send us a message via our contact form or Instagram DM. We are happy to help you further so that you have a great shopping experience with us!